Menstrual periods abnormalities and the treatment

Menstrual periodsIt is common among women to think that keeping track of when the cycle starts and how long it lasts is enough. Still, menstrual cycle is not just a trouble at all, but actually is a good reason to check your general health and your sexual and reproductive health.
So, it is required for all women to keep an eye on their menstrual periods regularly. It is necessary to pay attention to the starting date of the period, its duration, how heavy is the flow and notice other symptoms such as pain, headaches or mood changes.
It is important to inform your doctor if anything is going wrong during your periods. Because any disturbances may be showing that you are having a health condition or disorder.
tabsYou should also discuss with your doctor any changes in your menstrual period because they may be the markers of the following serious health diseases:
 Diabetes
 Liver problems
 Thyroid or hormone issues
 polycystic ovary syndrome or endometriosis
Abnormality or irregularity in the cycle of a woman is considered to be the sign of the following conditions or diseases: stress, high physical activity, poor nutrition, drug abuse or using alcohol in great amounts, poly cystic ovarian condition, hormonal changes, breast feeding and pregnancy.
Actually the cycle irregularity may happen even due to sleep problems and overwork, certain health issues and conditions.
If a woman experiences menstrual irregularities such as no cycle at all or having it twice a month, she should consult a gynecologist. A physical examination is necessary, blood tests, including the blood count, thyroid check and blood pressure should be done. doctor
The most frequent treatment option chosen for the problem with the cycle irregularities is hormonal contraceptive treatment. It involves using both estrogens and progesterone hormones to restore the normal cycle. Hormonal therapy can be in the several forms such as oral contraceptives, vaginal rings or patches, injections.
Tracking your menstrual period is a necessary thing to do. It will help to understand if something is wrong with your reproductive and general health. Do not neglect monitoring such important need.

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