Clomid women reviews

Clomid women reviewsCould not conceive for several years due to certain health problems. My doc advised using Clomid 50 mg. It took me 2 rounds on this medicine to get pregnant. I’m so happy! The medicine really works.

My second son was conceived with the help of Clomid. I had no problems getting pregnant for the first time. Then we tried and tried and nothing happened. I went to my doctor and he prescribed Clomid 50 mg. I got pregnant the first month. The intake of the medicine was easy and comfortable. I think this medicine is a great alternative to other options which appear to be not always effective.

I got my first pregnancy on my second round of Clomid. I had to use it due to multiple cysts in my ovaries. I had no side effects during the treatment. The pregnancy was calm. Today I’m a mom of a wonderful boy. Thanks Clomid. Think about using it again…

Polycystic ovarian syndrome was my diagnosis, the natural efforts to get pregnant failed. I was prescribed Clomid. Now I use it the first time, hope it will work. At the moment I can say that I have no side effects or discomforts.Clomid

I have been treated for infertility for two years without any success or hope for having a baby. I have a bunch of diseases which interfere with natural process of getting pregnant. My doctor advised Clomid. I started to use it and still no result. Hope it will help me.

I have been on Clomid for about 7 months now. No results, but I still continue to follow doctor’s instructions looking for good results.

My two children were conceived with Clomid. The medicine really makes wonders. I highly recommend this medicine to all women who cannot get pregnant naturally.

pregnantI’ve been on Clomid for 8 months and nothing happens. I’m worried. My gynecologist says that sometimes more time is needed. I have read lots of reviews about this medicine and feel that the medicine can help me.

To get pregnant naturally was unsuccessful for me. I’ve just began my first round of Clomid a couple weeks ago days 3-8. I expect good results as my friend had a baby after Clomid treatment. Hope it will help me either.

I found myself pregnant after 6 months on Clomid. My dose was initially 50 mg, and then I took 100 mg. I have a healthy child and want to use Clomid for my second pregnancy.

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