Can Clomid increase your chance for twins?

Clomid is one of the most popular fertility medications effectively used to treat infertility in women.twins
The medication improves fertility and helps lots of women to get pregnant.
Among women who take Clomid it is widely believed that this medication increases the chances of having twins.  It is certainly so, though the chance of getting twins is still not big.
Clomid medication blocks estrogen receptors which are responsible for ovulation.  Normally when the ovum starts to get matured, they produce estrogen.  Estrogen levels increase as the ovum grows up until the moment when the body starts to release another hormone called LH.  As a result the ovulation begins.
Clomid is analogue to estrogen in its characteristics and action.  The receptor cells in the brain perceive Clomid as estrogen hormone. This enables the medication to join to the receptor cells.  This insertion of Clomid to the receptor cells prevents the body estrogen from fastening to the cells.  This makes the brain reckon that the body produces little estrogen and there is a need for more hormones.
The factor leading to the chance that Clomid may enlarge the occurrence of twins is the production of extra estrogen to help the follicles grow and mature.  The extra estrogen results in extra stimulation and cultivation giving the optimal conditions to have more than one mature egg.  Two or more eggs may be produced during ovulation and all of them may be fertilized. In most cases, one or two eggs are released, but sometimes the number of eggs may be greater.
Clomid twins are the result of two different eggs.
The chance to have twins naturally is little – 1-3 %. The medication increases this chance up to 8%

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