Cigarette smoking and respiratory system harm

The cigarette smoking may be pleasurable for some people, and highly addictive for them at the same time. The list of harmful side effects is great. Emphysema and chronic bronchitis, lung, throat, and bladder cancers, heart attacks and stroke, wrinkles and respiratory tract infections are very common medical problems in people who smoke.

Asthma and other lung conditions are directly connected to smoking cigarettes. Smoke harms the human organism in many ways, but it is especially dangerous to the respiratory system.

The link between smoking and asthma is obvious. The airways of an individual, who suffers from asthma, are very sensitive and can react to many things such as smoke of tobacco. Smoking produces the asthma symptoms and is one of the most common asthma triggers.

By inhaling smoke, the chemical substances from a cigarette encamp in the moist lining of the airways and can initiate asthma episodes. Asthma can be poorly controlled in people who smoke. These people commonly suffer from ongoing asthma symptoms.

Tobacco smoke causes the lungs to make more mucus than normal. It results in chemical substances accumulating in the air paths.

Carcinogens in cigarette smoke are substances which cause development of cancer cells in the lungs and smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer.

The accumulation of cancer –causing chemicals in the lungs leads to lung diseases such as lung cancer and emphysema.

The second-hand smoke is also very harmful for health. It is smoke inhaled from the air by a person who does not smoke, but stays nearby the smoker. Passive smoking is the same way dangerous and may cause cancer, lung diseases and asthma.

Children exposed to second hand smoking are at high risk for various respiratory system disorders and often start smoking themselves. Exposure to second-hand smoke results in decreased lung function and symptoms of lung inflammation such as cough, wheeze, and increased mucus production.

Adults who smoke should do it away from their children. It would be great example if an adult quits – this often helps prevent children from starting.

Quitting is not always easy and many people try to stop several times without any success. Still there are many programs and methods to help a person quit smoking.

A person can start from simple rules like: do not smoke at home or in a car, do not smoke in the presence of a child, do not smoke in public, try to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke per day, ask your doctor for help.

How to quit smoking? First of all, a person should discuss quitting methods with a doctor. The time to quit should be established and well-planned. You should get prepared for that day.

Next step is to avoid situations when you can start smoking. Try to use other ways to calm yourself like chewing a gum, eating some delicious thing or just walking in the fresh air.

Talk to your doctor about nicotine replacement aids that can help when you are trying to quit. Ask your doctor about special medicines which can help in fighting with urges to smoke.

Clomid women reviews

Clomid women reviewsCould not conceive for several years due to certain health problems. My doc advised using Clomid 50 mg. It took me 2 rounds on this medicine to get pregnant. I’m so happy! The medicine really works.

My second son was conceived with the help of Clomid. I had no problems getting pregnant for the first time. Then we tried and tried and nothing happened. I went to my doctor and he prescribed Clomid 50 mg. I got pregnant the first month. The intake of the medicine was easy and comfortable. I think this medicine is a great alternative to other options which appear to be not always effective.

I got my first pregnancy on my second round of Clomid. I had to use it due to multiple cysts in my ovaries. I had no side effects during the treatment. The pregnancy was calm. Today I’m a mom of a wonderful boy. Thanks Clomid. Think about using it again…

Polycystic ovarian syndrome was my diagnosis, the natural efforts to get pregnant failed. I was prescribed Clomid. Now I use it the first time, hope it will work. At the moment I can say that I have no side effects or discomforts.Clomid

I have been treated for infertility for two years without any success or hope for having a baby. I have a bunch of diseases which interfere with natural process of getting pregnant. My doctor advised Clomid. I started to use it and still no result. Hope it will help me.

I have been on Clomid for about 7 months now. No results, but I still continue to follow doctor’s instructions looking for good results.

My two children were conceived with Clomid. The medicine really makes wonders. I highly recommend this medicine to all women who cannot get pregnant naturally.

pregnantI’ve been on Clomid for 8 months and nothing happens. I’m worried. My gynecologist says that sometimes more time is needed. I have read lots of reviews about this medicine and feel that the medicine can help me.

To get pregnant naturally was unsuccessful for me. I’ve just began my first round of Clomid a couple weeks ago days 3-8. I expect good results as my friend had a baby after Clomid treatment. Hope it will help me either.

I found myself pregnant after 6 months on Clomid. My dose was initially 50 mg, and then I took 100 mg. I have a healthy child and want to use Clomid for my second pregnancy.

Menstrual periods abnormalities and the treatment

Menstrual periodsIt is common among women to think that keeping track of when the cycle starts and how long it lasts is enough. Still, menstrual cycle is not just a trouble at all, but actually is a good reason to check your general health and your sexual and reproductive health.
So, it is required for all women to keep an eye on their menstrual periods regularly. It is necessary to pay attention to the starting date of the period, its duration, how heavy is the flow and notice other symptoms such as pain, headaches or mood changes.
It is important to inform your doctor if anything is going wrong during your periods. Because any disturbances may be showing that you are having a health condition or disorder.
tabsYou should also discuss with your doctor any changes in your menstrual period because they may be the markers of the following serious health diseases:
 Diabetes
 Liver problems
 Thyroid or hormone issues
 polycystic ovary syndrome or endometriosis
Abnormality or irregularity in the cycle of a woman is considered to be the sign of the following conditions or diseases: stress, high physical activity, poor nutrition, drug abuse or using alcohol in great amounts, poly cystic ovarian condition, hormonal changes, breast feeding and pregnancy.
Actually the cycle irregularity may happen even due to sleep problems and overwork, certain health issues and conditions.
If a woman experiences menstrual irregularities such as no cycle at all or having it twice a month, she should consult a gynecologist. A physical examination is necessary, blood tests, including the blood count, thyroid check and blood pressure should be done. doctor
The most frequent treatment option chosen for the problem with the cycle irregularities is hormonal contraceptive treatment. It involves using both estrogens and progesterone hormones to restore the normal cycle. Hormonal therapy can be in the several forms such as oral contraceptives, vaginal rings or patches, injections.
Tracking your menstrual period is a necessary thing to do. It will help to understand if something is wrong with your reproductive and general health. Do not neglect monitoring such important need.

Patients about different drugs

I began to take this medication after having abnormal mammogram, when the biopsy investigation has found precancerous cells. I have severe hot flashes several times a month, joint and leg pain. My menstrual cycle remains regular but I have nose-bleed a week before. After 3 months of stating with this medicine my hair become thinner about 3 months, that it has rather subsided now and I am going to keep the medication one more year yet. I became more irritable than before but all side effects are well manageable now. Only 4 years to manage it!


Can Clomid increase your chance for twins?

Clomid is one of the most popular fertility medications effectively used to treat infertility in women.twins
The medication improves fertility and helps lots of women to get pregnant.
Among women who take Clomid it is widely believed that this medication increases the chances of having twins.  It is certainly so, though the chance of getting twins is still not big.
Clomid medication blocks estrogen receptors which are responsible for ovulation.  Normally when the ovum starts to get matured, they produce estrogen.  Estrogen levels increase as the ovum grows up until the moment when the body starts to release another hormone called LH.  As a result the ovulation begins.
Clomid is analogue to estrogen in its characteristics and action.  The receptor cells in the brain perceive Clomid as estrogen hormone. This enables the medication to join to the receptor cells.  This insertion of Clomid to the receptor cells prevents the body estrogen from fastening to the cells.  This makes the brain reckon that the body produces little estrogen and there is a need for more hormones.
The factor leading to the chance that Clomid may enlarge the occurrence of twins is the production of extra estrogen to help the follicles grow and mature.  The extra estrogen results in extra stimulation and cultivation giving the optimal conditions to have more than one mature egg.  Two or more eggs may be produced during ovulation and all of them may be fertilized. In most cases, one or two eggs are released, but sometimes the number of eggs may be greater.
Clomid twins are the result of two different eggs.
The chance to have twins naturally is little – 1-3 %. The medication increases this chance up to 8%